Track Your Wish Package

You could inquire up to 20 tracking numbers at one time and please separate them each by Enter.

Wish User FAQ

How can I track my package?

Please enter your tracking number in the query box.The system will provide specific information about the location of the package.

How can I get help on product related issue?

If you have shopping on Wish,please contact Wish App or email to for help.If your item is not bought on Wish,please contact the seller directly.

Where can I find my tracking numbers?

If you are a Wish user, go to order history page and find the package you would like to track. Click "Where is my package", you will find the tracking number on the left hand corner. For the packages that do not have tracking numbers provided, please contact our customer support. If your items were not purchased on Wish, please contact the merchant where you purchased the items.

Tracking Results
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